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We are the place where you can find a wide range of 100% pure essential oils. With our diffusers you can bring the soul of plants into your home. Or take it with on the go.

Combine your own gift box set of 6 essential oils (10ml)

100% Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils at OPLA harness a plant’s therapeutic properties. Especially with our sense of smell it can trigger a physiological response and effect our mental state. This can work holistically on the mind, body, and spirit, bringing balance, healing, and often a sense of wellbeing.

Depending on the plant, our essential oils are produced following methods such as steam distillation, cold pressing or solvent extraction.

If you are a smell enthusiast like us, you can filter our essential oils in scent groups, such as citrus, floral, herbaceous, resinous, spicy, woody.


sarah Hayes
Verified ownerVerified owner

Gorgeous natural oils, arrived in beautiful packaging. With excellent information about each oil and its uses.

1 year ago

The aroma of this oil cheer me up every day! Will add more to my collection soon.

2 years ago
Kerry Schmidt

From start to finish this has been a great experience. Easy to order and received my oils within a few days. Love the pure, fresh fragrances currently filling my home. Have tried a few of your diffuser recipes and so far my favourite is the Mountain Breeze diffuser aroma. Can't wait for my second order to arrive!

2 years ago