OPLA staff

Our Story

Our aim is to provide you with a wonderful experience into natural wellness and familiarise you with the magical wonders of essential oils and how you can make it part of your everyday life.

How did we get to essential oils?

We simply started off getting into essentials oils, by diffusing various recipes, which are still mostly lead by what we are in the mood for. We just absolutely adore all the pleasant smells and combinations.

Being aware of the array of health benefits, we started looking into substituting the usual remedies for natural essential oil solutions.

For example, with the occasional headache or pain, we use to just grab the usual tablet or cream. Thinking about it long term… it probably can have some side effects, eg. kidneys or simply not work anymore. In the meantime we’ve made many amazing discoveries, such as the tried and tested diffuser headache recipe.

Whether you’re looking for essential oils for sleep, essential oils for headaches, or essential oils for anxiety, we are here to provide you with ongoing ideas and inspiration how you can make essentials oils part of your every day life. Swapping out everyday remedies, for the magic of natural essential oils. It makes the house smell nice too!

Follow us online for more ideas daily or visit us at our blog for regular updates.

Getting to business

We decided to level up our partnership and build a business together. To complete the OPLA family we welcome Cristina’s guidance and experience on aromatherapy (more about Cristina below) and our friend in India to produce and package OPLA’s essential oils.

Together we are committed to provide the best service and 100% pure and natural essential oils to our customers at cost-effective prices. We take great safety and precautions, to keep the natural elements of the plant’s botanical alive during the process of producing the oils. We want to offer maximum benefits to every person using our essential oils.

Meet Cristina

With my BA degree in Sport Science, I specialised in sports massage and worked as a massage therapist, with a hockey team for 3 years.

Looking for more adventure, I worked on a luxury cruise ship, for over 5 years as a salon manager.

During this time I worked in a wide range of treatments such as aromatherapy, reflexology, hot stone, remedial massage, pindakarma massage, crystal karma massage, bamboo massage, Thai yoga massage, deep tissue massage.

I am excited to be part of the family at OPLA, to share my knowledge and experience of both holistic and beauty therapies.