Lemongrass 100% Pure Essential Oil (organic)

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Lemongrass essential oil is deodorising and antibacterial and also makes an effective insect repellent. This oil also works on the body and mind to refresh and stimulate. Its antiseptic and astringent effects work on oily and acne-prone skin.

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Latin name:

Cymbopogon flexuosus

Country of origin:


Scent group:


Method of extraction:

Steam distilled

Enhances wellbeing

Lemongrass essential oil calms and fortifies nerves and eases depression and stress.

Acts as an antiseptic

Its astringent and antiseptic effects cleanse skin: a few drops in a facial steam work on open or blocked pores. its antiseptic properties and fresh scent also help control sweating and the bacteria that cause body odour, and it relieves acne, eczema, and athlete’s foot.

Aids digestion

Lemongrass is a natural appetite stimulant. It is also a good remedy for gastric infections.

Acts as an insect repellent

Lemongrass essential oil is one of the key active ingredients in natural insect repellents. See how you can make your own essential oil mosquito / insect repellent.

In a diffuser

Disperse into a room to raise spirits and lift exhaustion.

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As a toner

Add 4-8 dorps to 2 tablespoons witch hazel or a light lotion to refresh and tone skin.

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As an insect repellent

Dillute 10-12 dorps in a small spray bottle of witch hazel. Or mix 4-8 drops with 2 tablespoons lotion to dab on skin.

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Non-toxic, possible dermal irritation and/or sensitisation in some individuals − use very well diluted (less than 0.5 per cent). Avoid use on hypersensitive skin and on children less than seven years old.

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